50 mg is not enough

One of the people we interviewed for the book is the New York based video journalist Bob Sacha whom I met during my time at the City University of New York. Bob is teaching 'video storytelling for the web' and creates most of the time stories with no voice over, focusing on online usage. But is also a universal way of telling compelling stories. Bob was the one who spoke to me about the universal connection (you'll read all about it in the book). One dag Bob showed me a story he made for OpenSocietyFoundations. "5o mg is not enough" is a story about Vlad.

Vlad is suffering from incurable brain cancer. Despite his chronic pain, doctors in Ukraine are only able to prescribe minimal amounts of morphine due to bureaucratic restrictions. He is allowed only 50 mg of pain medicine per day. In another country, doctors would typically prescribe more than 2,000 mg for a patient like Vlad.

This story inspires me a lot when I film my own stories.